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whyrenifer ([personal profile] whyrenifer) wrote2010-05-23 12:53 am

glorious nose is glorious: kamenashi kazuya picspam

does this really need words? i wanted to do a kame picspam, and i've always been in love with his glorious nose bump. voilĂ . enjoy~ and i like comments. 8) THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR COMMENTS. i'm glad you enjoy this.

dedicated to my kametards of twitter: moni, pat and romi. ♥

[identity profile] lil-brooke.livejournal.com 2010-05-23 06:28 pm (UTC)(link)
errr this proves how much i fail at noticing such relevant things *smacks self* hahaha next time i'll make sure to notice all your tags... but when it comes to Kame, everything is relevant to u..hahaha well kame is always relevant. XDDD

so, has someone understood you irrational love for the space between kame's nose and top lip?? *coughs coughs* sorry i fail to notice these kind of things.. much of the relevance.. orzz... will do much better next time.. XDDD *cfh*